Eric Saunders



Artist Statement (last revised August 11, 2018):

My subject matter has been outdoor landscapes and abstracts, natural and urban, in color or black and white. I also use digital enhancement or manipulation of images. At this point I find architecture and artifact to offer better opportunities than nature for interesting compositions.

There has been no particular story line to my work. I have been trying to communicate the beauty of abstract art, and the beauty or intrigue of transient moments.

I am mostly self-taught as a photographer. Previously I studied classical piano, and then worked as a corporate computer programmer. I find inspiration for my images in my favorite music; my work experience in computers has enabled me to learn digital darkroom techniques more easily.

All work had been using 35mm film using a NIKON 6006 and NIKON lenses . For the past eight years I have been using a digital SLR, with Photoshop CS5 for editing and digital manipulations.

I generally print my own images, on paper archival to at least 100 years.

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